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Seeing Memory?
Leonie SargeantLeonie Sargeant asked 1 day ago • 
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Learning a musical instrument
Adam LawAdam Law asked 2 weeks ago • 
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How do I know if I have Aphantasia?
Tom EbeyerTom Ebeyer asked 1 year ago • 
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Dating an aphantasic?
Jennifer McDougallJennifer McDougall asked 2 weeks ago • 
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How do you do mental math?
Nachum PereferkovichNachum Pereferkovich asked 1 month ago • 
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Is aphantasia hereditary?
Crawford KirkwoodCrawford Kirkwood asked 1 month ago • 
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What are people with aphantasia called?
ANIKA BRKICANIKA BRKIC asked 2 months ago • 
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Building on the momentum initiated by @alan_ken. It's been hypothesized that aphantasia impacts all sensory experience in the mind, not ... just visual.

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Scientists hypothesize that Aphantasia can enhance rather than impinge on the ability to learn; though aphantasics must rely on alternative ... learning strategies than more traditional visualization techniques.

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