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AN Media Kit 2023

The Aphantasia Network (AN) is the go-to resource for individuals navigating the world without mental imagery, as well as for researchers and professionals interested in understanding this unique cognitive condition. 

Covering a wide range of topics from neuroscience to coping strategies, Aphantasia Network provides invaluable insights into the lives of those with aphantasia. Through articles, interviews, and forums, our interactive platform offers a comprehensive view of the latest research, personal stories, and practical advice.

The Aphantasia Network features contributions from leading experts in the field and firsthand accounts from individuals living with aphantasia, offering a balanced and in-depth look at the condition. With a strong commitment to raising awareness and fostering community, the Aphantasia Network has become an essential platform for both dialogue and discovery.

If you’re looking to connect with a specialized audience deeply invested in cognitive conditions and mental health, the Aphantasia Network can deliver that audience to you. For further information regarding advertising opportunities with the Aphantasia Network, please click here to view our current media kit or feel free to contact

AN Media Kit 2023
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