The Failed Meeting

Aphantasic Dianna Moylan tells the story of how failing to remember what someone looked like led to the realization of aphantasia and how thought processes differ.

Peach Leaves

Nothing like picking peach leaves in an orchard in absolute silence... Author and artist, Rachel Ciccone shares personal experience discovering aphantasia in this dark and deep poetically-expressed piece.

Can you hear that?

Think of a song. Allow it to play in your mind. Can you hear that? Community influencer and author, Alan Kendle shares thoughts, perceptions and insights on the mind's ear.

Aphantastic Discovery

Having a blind mind’s eye can impact your creativity in ways you don't even realize, until you discover the truth about aphantasia. Debut author, Max Watson shares how discovering aphantasia has impacted their creativity.

Imagine That…Some Just Can’t

How many times have you heard a sentence start with "Imagine that?" Well, some people can’t imagine. Literally. A concept the majority of people will find quite far removed from their ordinary thought process.

3 Things I Learned Dating an Aphantasic

What do you mean you can't imagine a horse? Co-Founder of The Aphantasia Network, Jennifer McDougall finds it hard to imagine what it's like not to imagine, but is learning to appreciate the unique perspective aphantasia provides.

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