“Visualisiere es und erreiche es”

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Ich habe vor kurzem (innerhalb der letzten 2 Jahre) erfahren, dass ich Aphantasie habe. Mein ganzes Leben lang hörte ich “visualisiere das Leben, das du dir wünschst, und erreiche es”, “visualisiere, wie du die Dinge haben willst” usw… Ob im Sport mit Hilfe der Visualisierung oder einfach im Leben im Allgemeinen, ich konnte nie herausfinden, wie ich das genau umsetzen kann, und jetzt frage ich mich, ob mich die Aphantasie auf irgendeine Weise von meinem vollen Potenzial abgehalten hat oder ob ich vielleicht eine “Lösung” dafür gefunden habe, dass ich nicht visualisieren kann.
Wie haben Sie dies kompensiert? Ich danke Ihnen!


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Hi Shelley,

I have been aware that I was aphantasic (or however that’s spelled) since I was young (I am definitely not young anymore) and never considered it a  problem. As a young adult man, I too was always puzzled by all the emphasis on visualizing things in goal setting etc. But I have been successful in almost every endeavor I have had. Various Schools including post-graduate degrees and multiple careers. For me the important thing is not visualizing, though some may be helped by that if they are visual learners, but goal setting and commitment to achieving those goals is the important thing. I also think that a commitment to high moral standards are important too.

Just remember we are all different and we all think a little differently too (not in terms of rationality, but in terms of method). So any method that pigeon holes you into a certain way of thinking is probably going to help only a few people. The rest of us will not work well that way. I do think setting goals though is the important thing. If you can do that visually, fine, if not verbally or whatever works for you is just as good.

By the way, I have learned that there are many advantages to having a blind minds eye. Though, there are advantages to having a working minds eye too.

I hope this helps. All the best!