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Deliberate Focus: The Indispensable Skill in this Age of Distraction

Exploring aphantasic-friendly strategies for improving focus and attention

How often do we give our full attention to the tasks we pursue? 

How often do we make the conscious effort to clear our heads and workspaces, and precisely focus our performance on a particular aim?

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

Focus has been touted as a defining skill by countless experts and world-class performers. It is a critical component of learning, decision-making, building momentum, and achieving our goals. Without focus, we will drift aimlessly, beholden to the needs and distractions of the world around us, unable to stretch to the demands that lie beyond our current abilities. 

While accessibility to personal-productivity resources and demand for adaptive knowledge workers are both greater than ever, the modern era has also delivered a destabilizing degree of distraction and the insidious gift of immediacy. 

Instant notifications shallow our attention spans. Algorithmically-curated content and advertisements hinder our judgment by exploiting our fears, desires, and biases. On-demand access to entertainment, information, and pseudo-social experiences offers effortless “rewards”, diminishing our drive to pursue more prudent passions. Fulfillment too-often requires us to defer gratification – as was deftly illustrated in the 40-year Stanford “Marshmallow Study”

For these reasons and more, honing our focus in this ‘Age of Distraction’ is paramount. Our psychological well-being, personal development, performance, and aspirations depend on it!

Everyone is capable of focusing. It is something we reflexively do anytime we perceive urgency and importance. Whether facing a possible threat or opportunity, the more urgent or important we interpret a situation, the more dialled in we instinctively become. Yet the real power comes with control, when we deliberately sustain our focus on one thing for extended durations, routinely over time. Like sparking a fire with a magnifying glass, you must channel the concentrated sunlight in one area long enough for it to ignite.

Whether we are developing a skill, hobby, job, or relationship, we must channel our energy with steady-aim in order to fuel explosive transformation. As a nod to the late K. Anders Ericsson, I’ll dub this practice “deliberate focus”.

A simplistic formula for deliberate focus:

Concentration  x  Consistency  =  Deliberate Focus

(Alertness / Scope of Attention)  x  (Discipline x Motivation)  =  Deliberate Focus

Let’s break it down:

  • Alertness consists of mental energy and awareness.
  • Scope of Attention is the measure of how narrow or wide our funnel of awareness is. A wide scope, for instance, could be achieved by relaxing our gaze, allowing our vision to blur, and extending our awareness to peripheral sights, bodily sensations, and sounds in our environment.
  • Discipline consists of the habits we develop and our ability to honor commitments and endure discomfort.
  • And Motivation serves both as the fuel and enthusiasm, helping us emotionally amplify our performance, fully engage our tasks, and persevere when times get tough – this is our WHY!


Now for the kicker. 

Have you ever spent any time researching motivation and focus? 

I have and couldn’t help but notice that so much of the hype and praise surrounds the out-of-reach, evasive-and unattainable art of visualization. Salt in the blind-mind much?! Haha, I only joke! 

While the recent study “Mental imagery as a “motivational amplifier” to promote activities found mental imagery of future activities increased the anticipated pleasure and reward, the results showed no difference in actual pleasure or reward whether or not visualization was practiced in advance. Furthermore, the control group who visualized future activities and rewards did not have significantly higher task completion rates. No doubt, visualization is an effective tool for motivation and can help prime your attention to goal-relevant stimuli, but it is one of many options in the arsenal.

It is our goal at The Aphantasia Network to help aphantasics across the globe realize our full potential. And given our rarity of mind and in number, we may have a hard time finding techniques that fit our mental mold. This is where I throw it to you, the reader.

We want to know, what are your solutions for priming, exercising, protecting, and/or sustaining attention? Surely, we aphantasics have each discovered our own strategies.

Using the tools and techniques you share, we are devising the first Self-Optimization Experiment, intended to help qualify and quantify aphantasic-friendly strategies aimed at improving deliberate focus, attention, and more. By collaboratively testing promising tactics, we can codify reliable strategies for our community to develop this indispensable skill. 

So let me ask you: How do you focus? Join the discussion.

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