Aphantasia, MBTI, and Personality Tests
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Near when I found out about aphantasia, I started thinking about if there is a personality type that is because of aphantasia. So far I am convinced that that is not the case, but I thought some of you might find my post interesting.

I posted a poll in a facebook group to find an answer. The results are skewed toward IxTx personality types because that’s the type of facebook group it was. The reason I chose that group was because I have previously tested INTP and ISTP.


Here are the results (so far):

25 ISTP not aphantasic

5 INTP not aphantasic

1 INTP and aphantasic

1 ISTP and aphantasic

1 INTJ and aphantasic

0 Hyperphantasic


Side note: I don’t find MBTI the be all end all of personality, but it’s still somewhat useful to get an idea about people’s preferences. Same for some other personality tests.

Just for fun, what are your guy’s personality types?

Discussion Answer #29771

I’m an ENTJ with Aphantasia

Discussion Answer #29367

I have ADHD Inattentive Subtype, Aphantasia and I score as an INFJ.

Discussion Answer #29141

ENFP and aphantastic.   I’m constantly imagining various scenarios, realities, solutions, possibilities, but images just aren’t part of it.  Even when I’m imaging a new art project, which I think might be when I am most able to conjure images, I don’t think I can see the whole very well – I see parts of it, and maybe an overall sense of amazingness, but not a clear picture.  Here’s the kicker: I didn’t even realize I wasn’t good at conjuring images until yesterday when I was asked to picture a purple apple.  Heck, I couldn’t even convincingly conjure a apple!

Discussion Answer (Father) #26206

INTP total aphantasia. 

Answer for Aphantasia, MBTI, and Personality Tests

INTP with aphantasia

Discussion Comments (Child) #26207

Images are so illogical. 

Answer for Aphantasia, MBTI, and Personality Tests

INFJ with Aphantasia