Dangers of

What risks may come with telling someone you have aphantasia? There have been many unethical science experiments in the past and there are all sorts of bad people in the world. What if someone found out you had aphantasia and decided to experiment on you by causing you to feel as much emotional pain and trauma as possible? Hypothetically speaking, couldn’t this happen to at least one individual who is secluded from the rest of society in a remote location? I don’t mean to be so negative but since there aren’t many research articles on aphantasia, what is stopping someone from doing their own research experiments on subjects? I’ve heard of people having cameras installed in their heads and having torturous images uploaded to them. The brain processes this as threatening and it can be severely traumatizing. In order to test the psychological limits of someone with aphantasia, someone uploads the images and then observes their behavior to tell if and how long they are being tortured by the images in their heads. 

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