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I knew from a very young age I realized I couldn’t see faces in my mind just and knew facts about them. In fact I remember looking up not being able to imagine on google before 2015 and not being able to find much, but I took mushrooms with my friend recently, its not the first time, but I think its been the strongest dose we’ve done due to them just being stronger than usual. I did more than her because shes smaller than me (6’1″ 150lbs 2.5gs, 5’5″ 110lbs 1.9gs) and she was talking about how vivid the images were in her mind, describing an octopus moving around colorful balls, and while I felt funky I couldn’t see anything by any means, it felt like a weird kind of drunk to me. do drugs effect us differently? Is weed completely different to people who have hyperphantasia? I know drugs effect everybody differently but maybe this is a huge factor in at least psychedelics. I’m curious if anyone else has had any drug experiences and have seen any hallucinations from them because I feel that I imagine when I dream, and I wonder if some people who don’t dream would see things from taking hallucinogenics. I know LSD is apparently more visually intensive than mushrooms, I wonder if that would effect aphantasic people more? I’m not really trying to do a ton of drugs to find out, but I feel whatever your stance on them I feel outright banning them works as good as outright banning sex until marriage, while some people will, obviously other people will be around it and if they do decide to use a drug, from alcohol to meth, they should know what in it, what its doing to their body, how to use it safely with harm reduction, and learn responsible drug use. I feel that this is important because people with very strong imaginations should possibly incorporate that into how much of a drug they take due to it leading to a worse experience, or possibly they could have way better experiences than aphantasics could ever experience? I’d love to hear any thoughts

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