Do you dream visually?

People with aphantasia often get asked the question: Do you dream?

According to new research, the majority of aphantasics dream visually but are unable to do so while awake. Others will dream with the knowledge they’re experiencing something, but without mental pictures or sound.

What are your dreams like?

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I can’t see pictures in my mind at will while awake. But I see vivid, realistic, full colour dream images.

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I am not able to visualize anything at all consciously but I dream visually. Or at least I remember my dreams as if they were visual. The more I think about it, the less certain I am that I dream visually. But I have always believed that I dream visually.

I wonder if the research from Shinji Nishimoto: Reconstructing Visual Experiences from Brain Activity Evoked by Natural Movies could be used to help with research into aphantasia.

These videos are really impressive, but they date from 2011 and I don’t know if there is any development in ‘mindreading AI’. and

I also found this more recent research where a computer can create images based on thoughts:

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I have recently discovered that Aphantasia is a “Thing” & my “mind’s eye ” has always only shown me a velvety black void. 

I am to aware of having had imagery/visualizations in dreams. I do know that I feel /hear/ taste etc. in the few dreams that I can remember, but these dreams have been akin to a night terror and I would prefer not to remember these.

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I dream very vivid dreams, especially those warning me that l need the loo, but all my dreams are completely without any visuals. Actually, as far as l can work out I either narrate my dreams, or somehow read them. I am fascinated by my discovery of aphantasia, and wonder how much it connects to both my love of art and my self diagnosed aspergers. Good luck with your research 

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I dream with very vivid pictures in both b/w and in colors. I can also to some extent control inner images when I am at the border to wake up. But fully awake I cannot create any images at all.

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My dreams are unbelievably visual and lucid even though I am completely image-free in my daytime thinking. It’s almost as though I make up for the daytime absence of imagery with a super-abundance at night. I love going to bed at night to get this chance to enter a different world, yet I do not miss imagery during the day as I enjoy the mindfulness-nature of being totally in the present, unable to be distracted by daydreams.