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Need for custom curicula for aphantasic students.
Posted byBurtM

Based on my own experiences, I am concerned that aphantasics are inherently discriminated against by many educational systems.  Many educational institutions require that all students take many courses that emphasize memorization and/or designed for people who can create visual and/or auditory images.  For example, many colleges require that a student take at least a year of a foreign language.  That may be a reasonable requirement for most students, but it is not reasonable for a aphantasic who does not create auditory images.  As another example, when we were young, my wife took a college level course on mineralogy in which the students were expected to visually recognize about 1000 different minerals.  That course would have been a disaster for me.  I would like to see some research done to convince educational institutions to test each student’s learning styles and, then, provide a custom curricula of courses for aphantasic students.

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