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So I discovered that I have Aphatasia last year (2021) at the grand age of 66. I had never thought about it before – I know I forget books easily, I can never recall characters names or their situations. I do dream with pictures funnily enough . My husband finds it amusing that he can drive anywhere and I get lost very easily as I cannot visualise where I am.

My biggest oddity though is – I take photographs – I love photography even though I am a rank amateur. If I am asked to think of my oldest son in my head – I can bring to mind a photo of him – a specific photo – but not him – I have found that this works with places and people that I have photos of – it seems that if I have ther photograph I can visualise it but nothing else. Usually there is a big black hole . Oh I hear music all the time – constantly have a tune running through my head which I generally ignore.


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