Study into visualisation and reasoning
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Hi there! My name is Ivan Lopatin. I am a student at Oxford Brookes University in England. I am currently conducting my own research and a part of it is my enormous interest in aphantasia! I am exploring the link between visualisation and reasoning. Individuals with aphantasia might have a massive contribution to this topic. I would be very grateful if you could take part in it. If you are interested and want to know more about research into this area, just follow the link: The study takes place online so you can complete it at any point either through a computer or phone/tablet. The recruitment is taking place until the 28th of February 2022.

See you there!

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thanks for doing this.  Just as an observation you dont ask in the first part how the item is viewed.  For example I see absolutely nothing in my minds eye, just know it is a thing, so I was ranking the items in my mind as a mathmatical format eg kitchen dirtier than hall dirtier than room but it could have been k greater than h greater than r for all it mattered.


I also completly disregarded any information about colour as for me and the question I found it irrelevant (though I would be intrigued to know if that is not the case for those with a good visual imagination).  Because I don’t see anything when I went to the question and it was eg is kitchen cleaner than room I had to revisit my scale and reverse it to r cleaner than h cleaner than k as I can’t always make this kind of thing reverse in my mind.

If your research is focused on the link between reasoning and aphantasia it may be this type of information, rather than eg the speed or number of correct answers that will actually give you valid information as part of your experiment design.

Also for what it is worth I find the concept of memory rooms (where people visualise a house and store a memory, such as a face and items that prompt for the name) completly worthless to me. I realise that this relates to use of visual prompts for assisting memory, but there may be a relationship to reasoning




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Hi Ivan,

Just a heads up there is one or two spelling mistakes in the questionnaire – not that it makes much of a difference