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Aphantasia research is taking place at the following institutions globally (that we’re aware of):

  1. University of Exeter, UK, led by Dr. Adam Zeman and the Eye’s Mind Lab
  2. UNSW and Future Minds Lab, Sydney Australia led by cognitive scientist Prof Joel Pearson
  3. University of Westminster, UK
  4. Icelandic Vision Lab, Iceland
  5. The University of Sussex and The Imagery Lab, England
  6. Rotman Research Institute, Canada, The Levine Lab led by Dr. Brian Levine

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Are you a researcher or scientist currently studying aphantasia, hyperphantasia, or imagination science?
You might be interested to know we’re working on a new sensory imagination assessment for quantifying mental imagery across senses, Imagination Spectrum. We also host an annual Extreme Imagination conference to highlight new research/discoveries in this field. We’re now accepting submissions.

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