Dreams and Aphantasia

Intriguingly, while aphantasics cannot summon mental imagery on demand, Zeman (the cognitive and behavioral neurologist who coined the word aphantasia) believes that: “Most aphantasics know what it’s like to visualize, as they experience imagery in their dreams or as they dose off to sleep.” This was confirmed by two World of Lucid Dreaming readers with aphantasia. This suggests that hypnagogic imagery and visualization close to the dreamstate draws on a different mechanism to daydreaming and visualizing during full wakefulness. However, some scientists have begun to refute this claim. What are your dreams like? Are there visual pictures in your dreamscape? Are they visual or narrative based? Are they in color or black and white? Do you remember them when you wake up? Can you visualize them? Do you recall the narratives? Are dreams enjoyable? Scary? Lucid? Anyone have hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucinations like I do? Anybody wish like me to go back to dreaming

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