Emotional memory and aphantasia

I’m over 30 and just realizing most people can “recall” and “imagine” sensations, how about feelings and emotions?, I can remember events and situation, some with much detail, but just as I can’t “see” the memory I can’t “feel” the emotion either, I can remember how I felt but as if I was asking other person to describe them to me, just like with visual information, I “know” how a rotated object would look like but I can’t see it and I can remember how I felt but I can’t feel it. Which for the most part is great, I’m not able to hold grudges, well I can but it’s not emotional is more an intellectual effort to act mad, but is very tiresome and can’t do it for long, and if I’m not actually mad usually I just let it go. I would like to know if happens to

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Aphantasia and memory

I’ve just learned that there is a name for my inability to form a visual picture in my head, and am learning about the full impact of what that means regarding all of my senses. I haven’t read any mention of aphantasia affecting one’s ability to remember how to do things if you haven’t done them in a while. For example, in my job, there are tasks that I don’t do every day but maybe biweekly, and if I don’t look at my notes for a reminder I don’t remember the details, just the general idea. I definitely don’t remember past events in any kind of detail, and lots of times not even the event itself. Does this sound familiar? Do you experience challenges remembering past events and factual information about yourself?

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What alternative learning strategies do you use?

There’s so much we have yet to discover about what it means to "learn with aphantasia." Fascinated by this post from 2016, which makes the case for why leaners with aphantasia are likely to experience difficulties with learning; “as mental imagery seems to be especially important for reading comprehension and learning word meanings, and according to at least one theory, is a cornerstone for literacy.” To contrast, this post from 2019 states that while a learner’s ability to create images in their mind is linked to various improvements in learning, the absence of this ability may lead to alternative strategies that enhance rather than hinder learning. What’s been your experience with learning something new? What alternative strategies have you tried when acquiring a new skill such as reading or writing? What’s worked? What hasn’t worked? Why?

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The line between memory and imagination?

As someone who’s hyperphatastic, I wonder how often my imagination gets in the way of my true memories. If I am able to creates such intense images in my mind, to the point where they feel real with all of my senses, would you perhaps think that when recalling true memories, my mind adds or removes specific details without my realization?

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