Extremes of visual imagery vividness in people with high levels of autistic traits

Most people are able to conjure up an image in their mind. Some people report unusually vivid, or vague, mental imagery, ranging from the ability to ‘see’ an object as clearly as if it was in the room with them (hyperphantasia), to the total absence of the ability to visualise, or ‘see’ a picture when you close your eyes (aphantasia). Difficulty recognising faces (prosopagnosia), identifying emotions (alexithymia), or talking to yourself (inner speech) also vary in intensity from person to person and potentially have relationships with either extremes of visual imagery, or autism, or both. This research project at the University of Exeter is exploring the variations in visual imagery to see if there are any differences between the general population and those who have Autistic traits. The purpose of this survey is to measure your mental imagery to discover if there is a link between Autistic traits and extremes

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Participate in aphantasia research investigating the cognitive profile of aphantasics

I am a final year undergraduate at Sussex Universtity, where my dissertation focus is on aphantasia. I have been drawn to aphantasia since I first heard the term in my second year of study, and have since found that I am on the hyperphantasic side of the imagery spectrum (i.e. my mental imagery is akin to ‘real seeing’). Within the new and establishing literature looking into aphantasia there has been very little focus on establishing the cognitive profile of aphantasics (e.g. their personality traits, decision making, etc.) which is what I am trying to be the first to look into as an aspiring psychologist. Please spare 10 minutes to complete my online study where you’ll be asked to complete a series of questionnaires. You will need to use your laptop or tablet to participate due to our in-house testing platform not being compatible with a phone interface. Of course, all

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Where is Aphantasia research happening?

We know that aphantasia research is taking place at: University of Exeter, UK UNSW Sydney and Future Minds Lab, Australia University of Westminster, UK Icelandic Vision Lab , Iceland University of Sussex and The Imagery Lab, England Do you know of any other institutions taking this seriously?

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