Aphantasia, MBTI, and Personality Tests

Near when I found out about aphantasia, I started thinking about if there is a personality type that is because of aphantasia. So far I am convinced that that is not the case, but I thought some of you might find my post interesting.

I posted a poll in a facebook group to find an answer. The results are skewed toward IxTx personality types because that’s the type of facebook group it was. The reason I chose that group was because I have previously tested INTP and ISTP.


Here are the results (so far):

25 ISTP not aphantasic

5 INTP not aphantasic

1 INTP and aphantasic

1 ISTP and aphantasic

1 INTJ and aphantasic

0 Hyperphantasic


Side note: I don’t find MBTI the be all end all of personality, but it’s still somewhat useful to get an idea about people’s preferences. Same for some other personality tests.

Just for fun, what are your guy’s personality types?

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i’m an entj!

i don’t think personality necessarily correlates to how you visulize but it’s v interesting to think about!

I love it! Yea, after I got results from my poll I don’t think personality correlates with the ability to visualize that much anymore.

Part of the reason I was wondering is because some types are very logic and fact based. Or even the types that focus on concepts and theories. Some people focus on logic a lot more than emotions too. I thought these traits would be common for people with aphantasia.

But maybe not!
Thanks for the comment!

Hey there! Personality types and (now) phantasia are both interests of mine so why not see how they go together. Seems like there’s not much correlation, but interesting anyway.

I’m INFJ and aphantasic 🙂

i am also istp and yes i have aphantasia. i dont really see the correlation but this is really intersting

I believe I am an ISFP and I have aphantasia. I think it is an interesting question to wonder whether there is any sort of correlation.

ISFP and aphantasic

INFP and aphantasic, I think!

on November 17, 2020

"Thinking" seems to me like it would be the most common tendency among aphantasics, given the emotional amplification of mental imagery that has been observed and measured by Emily Holmes and Joel Pearson et al. Granted, this trending difference in emotional response only appears to be relavent as it pertains to thoughts, rather than stimuli present in the hear and now (i.e. a diminished fear response in aphantasics when asked to imagine a snake slithering over their foot vs a comparable sympathetic response when viewing something such as the Beirut explosion).

I am a INTJ. I have taken the test many times over the years. I always score the same type. I am a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, INTJ seemed to work well for me. Aphantasia did not seem to effect my career or my life general. I have three masters and one BS degree, and I am happily married. I believe my brain developed work-arounds. I have never seen a picture in my mind awake or sleeping. The only problem I have is remembering personal events in the past.

I’m ISTJ and Aphantasic! I re-did the test because I hadn’t done it in a while and never thought to make links between Aphantasia and personality. I don’t think having a certain personality would effect whether you have Aphantasia but I certainly think having Aphantasia could effect your personality so this was really interesting! I looked at the questions very differently, making those links and it was super interesting so I recommend people retake the test if they haven’t recently and see how some of the questions could maybe be seen differently to someone who isn’t aphantasic. For example, one question talked about daydreaming which I do A LOT but in a completely different way to someone with a working mind’s eye.
I would also like to add that whenever I take the test, my answers differ and my results vary. So while I am ISTJ at the moment, that could change at any point as my personality changes. So the link between this and Aphantasia is most likely not direct, but I definitely believe having Aphantasia could influence your personality.

INFJ with Aphantasia

INTP with aphantasia

INTP total aphantasia. 

ENFP and aphantastic.   I’m constantly imagining various scenarios, realities, solutions, possibilities, but images just aren’t part of it.  Even when I’m imaging a new art project, which I think might be when I am most able to conjure images, I don’t think I can see the whole very well – I see parts of it, and maybe an overall sense of amazingness, but not a clear picture.  Here’s the kicker: I didn’t even realize I wasn’t good at conjuring images until yesterday when I was asked to picture a purple apple.  Heck, I couldn’t even convincingly conjure a apple!

I have ADHD Inattentive Subtype, Aphantasia and I score as an INFJ.

I’m an ENTJ with Aphantasia

I am intrigued by your question. I asked myself exactly the same question only a few minutes before coming across your question.
I’ve only this past week discovered aphantasia-phantasia after listening to a BBC popular science programme. More astounding is that I have now discovered (at the age of 80) I am a total aphantasic – never knowing anyone actually experience ‘seeing’ or experiencing actual visual images images.

Back to your question: Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): I am INTJ. Additionally, following a session of personality-management assessments in the 1990s when I was working for Hewlett-Packard (Scotland) my evaluation was that I am an Analytical-Driver. I, too, wonder of aphantasia might influence personality.

INTP – I am aphantasic and have SDAM