Are you an Art type with Aphantasia? (Musician, Artist, Writer, Dancer) I’d love to hear your stories!


Hello everyone!

my name is Victoria Blue I play the French Horn am currently studying for my masters in music performance.

I learned I was Aphantasic just a couple of years again and ever since discovering this portion of my life, I’ve became more and more curious. This curiosity led me to choosing to pursue research into the effects of artistic studies on students with Aphantasia and a lack of an inner monologue. With this gained knowledge, I wish to forge a new approach to pedagogical practice to be more inclusive to these students and all students alike.

I am planning on focusing on this for my DMA cognate and would love to find Artist’s/Musician’s/Dancer’s/Writer’s/etc. that are Aphantasiac. I am also looking for others that are interested in the education and pedagogical side that would like to speak with me about any research they have come across. (Or even just to talk about where are good places to look into the subject!)

I look forward to hearing from anyone that would be interested in sharing their stories with me!

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