Just discovered my 7 year old daughter is aphantasic (and so is my hubby)


We’ve known for over a year that my husband is aphantasic. He is very smart and has learned to adapt very well with it. He hates reading anything  fictional  and only others educational articles or resources. He is a pilot and can relay on memorization, strong understanding of the digital tools and lots of practice.

Yesterday we discovered my youngest daughter who just turned 7 is aphantasic. I think we both kind of knew as she processes everything so different than her hyper visual sister and mom.  She struggles with reading, but loves Minecraft world creating.  She is doing okay in school but it’s hard and she is definitely not enthusiastic. She talks about it like an angst teenager ready to be done with it all.

Any resources or tips out there helping my young daughter? I want to help her understand all the amazing ways to thrive with this condition. Thank you


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