Deja Vu

Sometimes I experience deja vu. Does any other aphantasiac experience deja vu and if so, how often does it occur?

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I actually experience Deja Vu a lot… it feels like “I’ve done this exact thing before” or “I swear I dreamt of this”.  I obviously didn’t imagine it happening, so very interesting situation…

Very strange because I vividly remember my Deja Vu moments a lot even though I can’t visual see anything when I think of things. I do recall things by memory though but I can’t physically see any images. 

I don’t really know if this is deja vu but I experience something similar and nobody else seems to get it. When i’m experiencing something, I have no sense that its happened before until afterwards, when i think back I have the sense that i’ve done it twice. Even if i KNOW that it only happened once I just have this feeling that it’s happened multiple times. Again – i haven’t met anyone who has experienced this so it might just be a me thing

This is so strange because I also experience the same thing with the awareness that I know I couldn’t have possibly done the same thing twice. It happens a lot. I wonder why our brain does this because I’ve heard that Deja Vu is just our brains connecting different events together that are similar but I swear, I can vividly remember that I have been there during Deja Vu moments even though I have aphantasia. 

I have never experienced Deju Vu and only recently (I’m 24 for reference) found out this was strange.

I would be really interested if there is a link between this and aphantasia. Clearly, not every aphantastic is like this but it may be more common? No idea.

As I understand Deja Vu, your brain accidentally puts situations into the “memories” part of your brain instead of the “What’s happening right now” part. I guess there isn’t a direct link between this and your minds, but I keep seeing it mentioned so I have to wonder. 

Yes, but not very often — I’d guess about 10 times in my 30 years.