anyone else get flashes of images?

i have aphantasia but i can see flashes of (seemingly random) images that pop up and move in a direction while fading away.any other aphantasic person feel this?(if that helps i can recall sounds very correctly)

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on April 8, 2021

I’ve only had a handful of such experiences while incredibly relaxed or exhausted. You say seemingly random, have you ever examined possible common denominators? I’m wondering if they occur more frequently under certain contexts (i.e. while reading or mind wandering).

Hey, I think I got two different types of flashes – maybe you could tell me further if you mean one/both of them…


The first type are these particles that are all over. It’s similar to flimmering pixels on our old 4:3 TV but they are often glittering. The are mostly reddish but sometimes there is more. For example geometric lines that build shifting and  flimmering 2 dimensional figures. Plz don’t call me crazy but sometimes I see the old radio from my granny and Santa Clause…. (I really see this though. If I try to imagine pictures, I generally fail hilariously.)

Things like this are like a layer that my brain built onto reality. I often experience this when there is less light or darkness. But in daily life I have to concentrate to see this. 

I also asked people if they see the dots to but usually they where just confused.

The second thing is when my thoughts are so sharp for just millisecond  that I think I even saw a color. But it is to fast to realize it or carry the image on. It’s more like you are awaking from a lucid dream. But I get them after triggers just like an topic at talking that somehow touches my feelings or makes me curious.

(And I can imagine sound well, too. While others where imagining a fantasy world as clear as reality, I was hearing the voices of the characters always bottled up with the right feelings in their voices)

I have had some flashes of images when extremely tired or exausted and about to fall asleep but that is about all

I’m 80 and un-discovered my “mind’s eye” a couple of months ago. It got a name a few days ago. Looking back, a lot of pieces started to drop in. 

When I think of an image, I sometimes get a split second “image” that totally disappears.

Another interesting thing has to do with hallucinogens. I have taken a lot but I’ve never had an hallucination.