How aphantasia effects the way we think and how that differ’s from those who don’t have aphantasia


I’m 16 and I found out I had it a few years ago. I was always clueless to the matter and didn’t realize people could see things in their mind and after finding out a lot of phrases such as “counting sheep” and “happy place” made a lot more sense to me. When I was a kid my mom never understood the way I did things like solving math problems as if my mind was working a completely different way. As I grow older and the thought of aphantasia crosses my mind I sometimes think about how it effects the way I think.  My memory is awful and when I really try to think about things its hard to keep all the information in my head at once. I’ve noticed the way I think about things is different, its hard to explain, but whenever I am trying to understand something conceptual or another side in an argument, I have a completely different reasoning and pathway that arrives me to my conclusion. It also is sometimes hard to trace back to why I come up with certain conclusions and remembering all the reasons as to why my thoughts were lead in that direction. I am terrible at explaining things in general but I’m wondering if other people that have the condition have an input on this because from what i’d imagine, not having images to use will lead our brains to develop differently to problem solving skills and just how we think in general.

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