Cannabis and Aphantasia


I am, and this is, all new. To me cannibs is able to take most of the my vviq score chart up by a factor of 1. Has anyone else shared this experience or know if there is anyone looking into the effects of cannibs on aphantsia?

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on May 8, 2021

Not that I’m aware of, but I also don’t have a ton of experience with cannabis.

I believe there is a research looking into the effects of psilocybin on aphantasics and phantasics. I’m hoping the researcher will present at Extreme Imagination Conference!

Interesting, thank you for the input.

Hello Munk, I don’t share that experience with cannabis.  Also I went on a retreat to the Netherlands with the Psychedelic Society – 2 or 3 days of preparing for the big ceremony and there was absolutely nothing  – no visual, no altered reality.  They  said they had never seen anything like it as I had a ‘hero’s’ ( or heroine’s) dose.  BUT I did feel calm and at one with myself, and when others returned from their trips, they said they had seen me as a priestess, Zimba’s mother etc.  

Are you absolutely mind eye blind? For I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I find that my “static” if you will is able to take shapes if I injest cannibs but it’s only for a few seconds, and that’s with said “static” to start off with.  If may ask, what was your intent upon attending the ceremony? Was it to achieve visuals or more of an altered state in general? I find that psychedelics have a tendency to give you the experience you need not necessarily want. I can however attest to the fact that my experience with psychedelics has proven similar and that it’s always taken in an excessive amount and when I do have visualizations it’s only the slight altering of that which I can already see and not the creation of anything new.

Nope. I don’t know much about this stuff but i got hyperphantasic on the quiz and i use cannibis to quiet my mind. It lets me zone out and just watch something. It doesn’t work 100% as i still drift into daydream but it helps

I wonder if overthinking and over analyzation is a side effect of aphantasia, hyper or not.

Firstly, to help if you’re not a native English speaker, it’s spelled cannabis. 🙂

I am a frequent user (4+ times daily most days, for the past 2 or so years). I’ve never noticed a difference in my ability before or after smoking, vaping, or eating an edible (I take up to 100mg at a time). The only times I’ve ever had visual imagery are: a) while dreaming, but I lose the visuals after I wake; b) during a PTSD flashback, and then only on occasion, not every time; and c) this one time I took a mega dose of magic mushrooms and was able to see faint mandala/firework-like designs on the ceiling and when I closed my eyes.

I’ve since started taking an antipsychotic, which treated my visual and auditory hallucinations, but I no longer get any effect from shrooms. 🙁

Did you get any interesting responses to your post about cannabis last year?   

I am writing an article about visual imagery and meditation and would like to find as much information as I can.

Absolutely, cannabis seems to enhance image-making, but this effect pales in comparison to effects of opium (which I once smoked, back in the day).