Bringing Faith to life with out mental imagery


Hi, I am new to the network so I apologise if this post isn’t suitable. I am not here to start a religious debate or anything like that . I am just really interested in hearing from anyone who has any sort of faith and how you potentially connect to what you believe. I have only very recently found out that I have Aphantasia but am undertaking a wellbeing discipleship program. A lot of my fellow students descibe how they see images in their head and how this helps bring their faith to life and helps them hear from God (in our case).  I am really struggling to bring my faith to life and hear from God as I don’t see pictures, or hear songs, sounds in my mind etc. I was just wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience and has any advise or different ways they connect to their faith without mental imagery.  Also I feel that I live in a world of darkness, does anyone else feel like this? How do you bring your every day life to life and remember things. 

Many thanks, 

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