Aphantasia, high sensitivity and spiritual practice


Dear all,

I would like to know if here are other Aphants with high sensitivity. I found out my high sensitivity more than five years ago. For me it is a gift, but still not easy to handle. After that I started with meditation and spiritual practice. Although I tried a lot of techniques and in the end meditated every day, I never made it to visualize. That was frustrating, but on the other hand I had extreme body reactions during trance or holographic breathing: During one course in 2019 with more than 80 persons, other HSP included, I had the heaviest body reactions within this group, but still no vision. When I discovered my inner blindness two month ago I was stunned… So if here are other HSP without a mind´s eye – please let me know. I’m searching for a solution how to work more with my body instead of visualization.

Best regards from Germany

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