Aphantasia and intelligence

Has there been any research done on Aphantasia and intelligence?  I have dxes of ASD & schizophrenia . My verbal ability outstrips my non-verbal ability by a significant amount.

A test at Cognifit revealed the following weaknesses- planning,visual short term memory,non-verbal memory & spatial perception.

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Not that I’m aware of, and I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the topic lately (writing a literature review). However, I have heard that ASD is linked to higher-than-average intelligence.

I’m interested in the coexistence of your aphantasia and schizophrenia, since one involves a lack of imagery and the other an excess. If it isn’t too personal, may I ask if you experience visual hallucinations? Or do you only experience hallucinations in sensory modalities that aren’t affected by your aphantasia?

The only visual hallucination was seeing my wife just after she’d died. I’ve been told that’s a fairly common experience.

I’ve experienced the very occasional olfactory hallucination,but ask me to voluntarily imagine the smell of something and I can’t do it. 

As a whole I don’t experience hallucinations very much. The most frequent are functional hallucinations.What sound like voices as the washing machine is running. Hearing what sound like voices when the toilet is flushed. For many it happens with the sound of a fan.


Further to the intelligence  factor: I’ve noticed that a good  number of aphants are good at mental rotation. I’m not. I’m comparatively better at pattern recognition than mental rotation.