My complete Aphantasia and the questions I’ve always had


Hello! I Milo I’m a recent high school graduate from Rogers Arkansas and I’ve only pretty recently figured out that aphantasia is not the norm and how diverse I truly am.


  I was 17 when I accidentally discovered what aphantasia is and that I deal with complete and total aphantasia The only way I’ve ever been able to describe it is it there’s no mental image. I can see the inside of my eyelids and that’s really it. When I think of some thing as the VVIQ says. I only know what I’m thinking of. It’s very difficult for me to put into words solely just because it is all I’ve ever known so trying to describe it has always felt nearly impossible.

ever since I’ve learned about it I keep trying to do more research of my own or try to understand my own aphantasia better but after finding this wonderful website I finally have a place where I feel open to discuss this.


i’ve always wondered since this is such a rare disorder if there’s any researchers that are either in need or are looking for individuals that deal with this mental deficit.

        i’ve also always tried to look into and see since I am planning to go to college is there any scholarships or schools that involve aphantasia.

another interesting place I have found myself in is that I am an artist, and what comes with that and aphantasia  is that anything I make truly feels like mine. I can’t replicate or see, or create anything in my head. it’s all of my own exact design. And I’ve always wanted to see if there’s any other  artists with aphantasia out there!


      If anyone would like to talk about this or has any questions for me my email is


and I would love to hear from anyone. Also I apologize about any incorrect spellings or non-grammatically correct sentences paragraphs like this aren’t really my strong suit but I really wanted to get this out here.

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