Searching for a term for “person with aphantasia”


Hey guys, I’m writing a literature review on visual imagery and I’m looking for a term for those of us who have aphantasia. Basically, the APA 7e manual suggests using person-first language or identity-first language, depending on the preferences of the group. However, there isn’t a well-defined aphantasia community since the general public only recently became aware of the phenomenon. In other words, we’re sort of pioneers.

I have been using the term “aphantasic”, as I have seen several other researchers do. I prefer this term because it’s short and to the point. Some aphantasics use “aphantasiac” or “aphant”.

Politically correct person-first language would look like “person with aphantasia” or “individual with aphantasia”.

Identity-first language would look like “aphantasic person”.

I’m not personally hung up on political correctness because, well, “aphantasic” would be a pretty weird insult, and I consider aphantasia more of a variation in human cognition than a disability.


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