Can dreams be a way of visualization for people with Aphantasia?


So I have Aphantasia and I was doing research on dreams and how common they are for my psychology class. I started to ask my family (father, mother, and sibling) how often they dream and remember their dreams. They all said that this was not common for them. I, on the other hand, remember about 60% of my dreams with perfect detail and can recall details, 38% of the time, I can recall pieces of the dreams, and, only once in a while, not remember any part of the dreams. I also know when I thought of these aspects of the dreams in the weeks prior.

My hypothesis is that dreaming is my way of visualization since I cannot. I need to do more research and was hoping for input, opinions, or thoughts. I am hoping for all the help I can get to come up with a working conclusion. This could be a waste of time but it cannot hurt to try.

Thank you

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