Aphantasia only with people emotionally close to me

In general, I am hyperphantasia. I heavily rely on my visual memory. Starting from a very young age, I can recite poems like I am reading them in my mind (including the font, exact place on the book page, and the color of the paper). Also, very vivid dreams all the time.

The only exception is with people’s faces, especially the ones I am close with and have strong feelings for. I realized from very young that I can’t picture my mom’s face in my mind. Now when I was doing the test, I can picture almost all my friends’ faces, but I can’t picture my crush or ex’s faces. It seems the stronger the feelings are, the more impossible it is for me to see their faces clearly in my head. 

Is there anyone like this? Is there a relationship between our emotions and ability to recall someone’s face?

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I have registered on this website right after reading this just to reply to you because I finally found someone who experiences the same thing.

I learned about aphantasia very recently and it fascinates me because I have always depended on my visual imagination in studying and daily life, and through this website I learned that I am indeed a hyperphantasic but I always found it very hard to imagine my crush’s face for example despite seeing him daily.

So your experience and mine really leads me to think that there might actually be a link between emotions and visual imagination, and I’d very gladly read any research relating to that link