Sense of direction and Aphantasia


I get lost all the time and find it hard to follow directions, is this something that other people with Aphantasia also experience?

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My mom used to bring me along when she was hunting for mushrooms cause I could always find the way home.
Specific directions are easy, and I almost always know where north is. Practice on knowing where north is, and the rest shouldn’t be too hard?

Me too!!! Thank goodness for GPS. With maps, I used to highly my routes and wasn’t even comfortable with that, I’d right down my turns and had to keep looking at what I wrote. Same goes with recipes, I have to reread at nearly every step. 

To add, I need landmarks to get places

I definitely have the same problem too

I have lots of problems with directions. I also lose track of time and get distracted easily. I’m not sure if this is an Aphantasia thing or just a human thing since no one’s perfect.

Hope this helps

Personally YES!

it takes me SOOO long to remember a route.

Just got back from vacation and we went to the park near our hotel several times and I still could not tell you how to get there. I’ve been living in the same town for 5 years and still often have to use GPS to get simple places if I havent been going there once a week or so for years.

I have total Aphantasia, but a REALLY good sense of direction.  I used to go out in the woods for fun and try to get myself lost, but  it never took me long to find my way back to base camp.  However, trying to follow a GPS gadget makes my head spin and will turn me around completely.

There are all kinds of cognitive tasks  and different components of “intelligence”.  Everyone has their own profile of strengths and weaknesses.   The capacity of the mind to make images is only one of many interesting things.

Personally, my sense of direction is poor.    I wonder whether this is a function of visual memory.  For example, I can’t recall what’s at different street corners, even though I may have walked by them hundreds of times.