My Personal History


I am what is know as Total Aphantasia, meaning that I am totally unable to create any images, sounds, tastes, smells or touch within their mind. I am 78 and I have never seen anything in pictures or dreams my whole life. I have never had a dream in pictures but once. I had one (and only one) visual dream experience when I was about 11 and had my tonsils removed. This was the one and only time I had been given ether (as an anesthetic). (High abstract reasoning): I was a computer engineer and computer programmer for 40 years. I have degrees in Electronics, Math, Physiological Psychology and an MBA where I enjoyed economics. I was a development programmer, systems analysts, systems engineer, computer software support, business analyst, hardware support, data base support, etc. I leaned about 30 computer languages including about four machine level languages. On the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, I am INTP/INTJ. On Big 5 Personality Traits, I seem to have a high Openness to experience (seek out a variety of experiences and intellectual curiosity). (High ability to concentrate): As a programmer, I could program for four hours non stop. Manager’s would leave me alone to do my work, and I would too many times to count enter the flow state while programming. In math classes my grades went up in “N” dimensions. High tactile-kinesthetic sense. I was a starting point guard in basketball in high school. I was a starting pitcher on the baseball team.

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Wanted to pipe in and say I’m also total aphantasia and also INTP/INTJ (most heavily INTP from what I’ve been told)

Didnt know if this was a thing that it’s more likely to be intp if you have aphantasia or not

The “Aphantasia Network” may look into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator too see how it relates to aphantasia after I ask them a question about this relationship.