Aphantasia, but have scene in my mind

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen in my mind’s eye, looks like a grey chalkboard in there. But, when I was around 2 or 3, used to tell my mom I wanted to go back to “that place”, and described the place. She said we’ve never been there. I tend to memorize what I see to remember/describe, so I’m not really sure if I’m seeing this scene or knowing it, actually, although I always say it’s  “a scene etched in my mind”. All my life I’ve tried to find this place in all our travels, never the right colors of greens or leaves. FF 50 years, we are traveling through Alaska and I happen to turn my head to look out the passenger window, I saw it, the scene!! Literally hundreds of photos later, it didn’t do justice to the scene in my mind, but that was definitely the scene. Is this a knowing, or can have I actually see this? I can concentrate, but it’s a grey slate, but I know this vividness of the colors. Have I seen it in my mind?? I’ve never been to AK before (we do live here now though). Also, of topic, it pains me greatly, I don’t have many pics of my mom, I can describe her, but can’t see her (she passed) without seeing a pic, and my grandmother. I fear the same with hubby and daughters. I had some energy work done to try to fix this, none have worked😢

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