Being able to stay focused


I have found through years of research ( book reading and YouTube videos) that the deeper my research went the broader The topics became. So much so To the point that I couldnt continue my research in any one main topic. It has gotten to the point that out takes me almost all day to read through my emails, let alone be able to stay focused on one or two topics or activities. It seems that everything catches my eye and that leads my research path into a pointless, fruitless, unorganized mess. Although I learn amazing things while my research goes astray, I have a hard time remembering where I started let alone where I left off. This causes me to know about many, many, many, topics and idea and terms, while leaving me without the frame work too produce one single, documented fruit of my labor. I know in my heart and mind I could write book after book or research article or study, but can’t seem to focus on one topic long enough to stop my research and produce something with it. It’s to the point where I all myself “what would be my favorite or most interested topic trip write about?” and come to realize that I have such a wide spectrum of choices that I can’t even decide. It’s like someone asking “if you could know anything in the world, or could ask for an answer to any question you ever had?” They really couldn’t ask the question because the choices word be endless. Meaning the scope would be way to broad. 

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