Near total aphantasia w/ hyper-realistic spatial awareness

Hi friends! I’m sure we’ve all had this experience, but here’s mine: In grade 5, my teacher asked the class to picture a green field and bright blue sky. When she asked if everyone was picturing it, there was a chorus of “yes” and I sat there dumbfounded for a moment because I could see absolutely nothing. I thought they were all lying! I can’t picture anything, and I barely have dreams. If I do dream, it’s always dark out or I have a strong visual impairment (muted colors, tunnel vision, etc.) I can’t see, hear, smell, or touch anything in my imagination. The only thing I can imagine tasting is sourness, not sure why. 

I have been confused for a while though because I have such an acute sense of spatial relation & awareness. I can travel somewhere & be able to go home on the same route (in reverse) solely from memory. I’ve learned now though that the spatial awareness doesn’t “cancel out” the aphantasia. Just wanted to share my experience!!

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I feel the same. In class we had these tests once where we had to turn around odd shaped objects in our head and then select which ones could fit together. I did very well in that test. I have no idea how that works, because I can’t see the objects in my head. I just instinctively know what’s right. I also almost always find my way back even in cities I’ve never been to. My friends actually call me “Pfadfinder” (path finder, the German word for scout) because of it.