Febrile Hallucinations


I have zero images when I close my eyes, total black but I recently had a dental infection that developed into borderline sepsis. My temp was hovering around 40C (104F) and I know it is common for people to have hallucinations with a high fever but I was also able to see images I wanted to. It was amazing and even though I was really ill it was pure joy. I could think of a cat and there in was on lush green grass just like watching a TV. I imagined image after image and all were so bright so amazing to see. I know people could imaging things and even manipulate them in there mind but I never imagined in was this amazing.

Sadly after my fever passed so did the ability to see images and I’m back to my dark, blank slate. I feel now like I’m somehow blinded as before I didn’t know what I was missing out on.

Has anyone else experienced this with fever?

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