Reading fiction with aphantasia


Well, i’ll start at the beginning which is that I figured out today that the ‘mind’s eye’ which everyone talks about is not metaphorical, as I always thought. When people told me to visualise a scene or imagine anything, I never considered the possibility that they could really see a scene when they closed their eyes! I’ve never been able to do this at all, and all I see when I close my eyes is darkness. When I told one of m friends, his first question was, then what do you see when you read? I am an avid reader and I enjoy fiction a lot. I find that though I cannot conjure up an image, I can conceptualise quite easily and imagine what it would be like in the characters shoes. I feel intensely what the character does, and I can do everything but visualise. I find I am constantly narrating my life to myself and make up for the lack of visuals with intense verbal input.  I can hear imaginary music in my head as well. All that I differ in is my lack of the mind’s eye. Am I the only one who?

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