Aphantasis vs Vascular Dementia

My wife Selina had two major operations in 2002.  After the second one she was a different person and I gradually realised that she had lost the ability to visualise anything.  I can only assume that she suffered a minor stroke during surgery.  The diagnosis from the medics is vascular dementia but she has been stable for the last 20 years apart from when she spent 6 weeks in hospital in 2018 and came out more dependent on me.

Now I know her condition is called Aphantasia, I wonder if the Vascular Dementia diagnosis is incorrect.  Any thoughts from anyone ?

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Hi Peter,

I used to work doing occupational therapy with dementia patents, and members of my family had vascular dementia also, so I thought I’d reply to you.

Dementia does progress, however slowly, so it seems to me likely that your Selina suffered a bit of brain damage while under anaesthetic. If so, that is kind of good news because there is no reason why it would get worse. Has she adapted at all to not being able to visualize?