Problems in all areas


Hello and thanks for this opportunity to share my experience here. 

My memory problems :

– No sense of direction, getting lost in shopping centers/malls in very small woods. Do not recignize places so that I know I have to turn right at this point.
– unable to willingly imagine images from the past
– unable to visualize an apple and turn it around/rotate in my mind. – Cannot draw from memory or imagination.
– bad face memory as a child
– getting easily confused with similar looking faces
– Cannot remember autobiographic scenes lyrics and choreographies
-Cannot remember what people were wearing yesterday
-Cannot remember handicraft steps (e.g. folding paper in a particula way) from just watching or dance moves from watching
-Cant play chess, memory and any similar games.

Does anybody of you have they same difficulties? 

My life has been very stressful because of all these difficulties with my bad memory

 So I really hope that one day I can be “cured” from it.







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