Self-Improvement Work


I discovered I had aphantasia when I was reading a self-work book of mine and it had told me to lay back with my eyes closed and truly visualize my future.

After trying to hard I finished with a headache, I realized I couldn’t form the desciptive images of my dream house, the career I wanted or the money in my account. It then registered that I never “daydreamed” as a kid, or why I couldn’t form a whole new world in my mind when reading a novel (must be why I’m so selective on books), and why I think so logically rather than creatively.

Trying to get in to meditation without the ability to visualize has stirred my pot a little bit and I find I struggle with it from time to time. My memory is less a jumbled mess most of the time, I find because I can’t see the moments I’ve lived and can’t place an image to my thoughts, I tend to forget many things. Despite my efforts to sharpen my mind on a daily basis. I fumble a lot on my journey through personal growth, and I truly to believe it would be awesome if I could imagine the person I wish to be.

Regardless of this, I am grateful for my unique ways of thinking. I just wish to dabble on the other side of things.

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I can’t form images but I daydream sometimes to distraction quiet frequently so I think your suggestion that this is in any way directly linked to creativity is assumptive, people seem to attribute things to aphantasia that are just part of normal human variation on a regular basis it’s a very easy trap to fall into. I can imagine the person I want to be, but making that happen is a totally different story.