Can you heal acquired aphantasia?


Hi! I have been a big vizualizer and daydreamer my whole life without any problems. 

Now though i cant visualize at all, and i Feel like i cant daydream, because they have always been so visual. 

My aphantasia/blank mind is most likely due to psych meds and a concussion i had. The psych meds caused hypophantasia and hypovisualization, but the concussion caused total loss of visualization. 

I try to visualize and daydream or imagine, but there is just this black emptyness in my head. I really try but physically cant, and its like there is this empty pressure in the back of my head where the images used to be.  

I also struggle to hold a thought and be creative or think abstract or associative, because i cant see it in my mind. My memory is really bad, and i find it hard to relate to other people and connect with the world. 

I used to spend so much time just thinking and daydreaming, but now that i cant i feel so trapped in my mind, because there is nothing going on. Its boring and scary, and then i get frustrated when i try and fins i still cant visualize or daydream. 

Is there any way you can get visualization back if you had it good before, but then lost it? 

Will it come back naturally or is there exercises one can do?

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