How might aphantasia and seasonal affective disorder be related??


After coming across an article on aphantasia I am fascinated.  I am hugely creative (making connections to seemingly unrelated things) but feel like I only “see” things in my mind based on “knowing” about them (as in the quiz). My memory is terrible, but what I do remember seems to come from actual photographs?? If I try to remember past experiences I seem to conjure images of photographs from that time in my life?? And weirdly, I am obsessed with vision boards. They are definitely how I “see” the future! My big question is this… I live in a cold (and dark) climate and have suffered from seasonal depression for years. I’m a new person when I am in the sun and am convinced that it is related to the way my eyes process light. I’ve imagined drops that would give extra dilation in winter months or SOMETHING that could be done to replicate the feeling I get from the light of the sun in Florida. I have used a light therapy lamp and believe it helps as do tanning beds. Do any of you think these issues are related to possible aphantasia?

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