Using Organizational and productivity system.

I have aphantasia. I don’t see memories or images and I think this why for many years I’ve tried almost every organizational and productivity system to augment my memory.  A secondary thing that I think phantasia has imparted on me, is a lack of time focus and memory for upcoming events.

I’ve tried bullet journaling, electronic system (I phone reminders and calendars), the Eisenhower Matrix, Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen, Kanban board, Pomodoro Productivity System, and many many more.

Has any one else challenged to be organized?


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I have visual aphantasia.

I have an average memory for upcoming events, but I don’t typically have issues with being late, because I have adopted tools like calendars to help me, and use them religiously. 

I organize and have a system for EVERYTHING.  Calendars, task lists, file structures– you name it.

My theory is that not being able to recall images forces aphants to commit more information to memory.  By being systematic, we reduce the number of things to memorize.

Hello Cara,

Thanks for the reply!  

I like your phrase “forces aphants to commit more information to memory.”  For me to off-set the extra memorization, I lean on my systems a lot. Joking I’ve referred to my iPad, iPhone and Mac as my other brain. I stay with the Apple products because they all synch really well. 

Best wishes, Chuck


For events and appointments, I use a calendar. I also have alarms on my phone to remind me about daily tasks.

For anything beyond that, I do struggle. The best advice I’ve gotten is to pick one thing per day that you want to work on, and work on that. It’s much more productive than task-switching. 

I still feel like I add more to my to-do lists than I cross off. I have to periodically review my goals and sometimes I have to let go of something so I’ll have time for all the other things. Chronic pain also limits how much I can do, so that’s part of the problem for me. But focusing on one thing per day has helped a lot. 

For apps, I use TickTick. I’ve tried many apps, and this is the one that works best for me personally. I use it both for taking notes as well as for task lists. And I can set reminders on it; I find that this works much better for me than my phone’s default alarm clock and calendar. It also has a feature called “habit” where, for example, I have it remind me to drink water 3 times a day (because I tend to get distracted and forget). On a regular alarm clock, I’d have to make 3 different alarms, which really clutters things up. But on TickTick, it’s just a single entry with 3 reminder times, so it stays uncluttered and makes my life easier. 

Thanks for the reply. discord