Do people generally realise if they become aphantastic rather than being born that way


30 years ago when I was in my early 20’s I was diagnosed with a blood cancer, The treatment which lasted for a couple of years was very traumatic. When I was recovered I began to notice that I’d lost memories from before the illness. Now that I’ve become aware of aphantasia and realised that I have it I’m wondering if what I lost was the ability to recall them visually.

As an example I’m sure that I used to be able to visualise my grandparents taking me for a particular walk along with my younger sister who was in an old-fashioned pram. When I try to visualise it now it almost feels as if something is blocking my access to the image.

Has anyone else ever had this sense that they’ve lost memories in this way?

Follow up question is whether people always notice immediately that they’ve become aphantastic.

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