If I can’t see my memories in my mind, but I remember a few facts do I have Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory

  1. I’ve been wondering for a long while now if I have severely deficient autobiographical memory. I remember stuff in facts but can’t see anything in my mind. Does that mean I have severely deficient autobiographical memory ? Hopefully some scientists can make a test for it? Also. I would love an extremely easy explanation. Hopefully, SDAM doesn’t have to do with Alzheimer’s . My grandfather who died before I was born had Alzheimer’s . And his half sister. His genes were in bred from first cousin marriages over generations in st barts in the Caribbean, but he was from St Kitts. His parents had the same last name and I think his mother was name Marie -ann, so it was like Marry And , and they both had the same last name. I am Asperger’s it’s not a condition in the usa anymore. I don’t feel like I’m level 1 ASD. That seems more severe than me but that could be because the diagnostic criteria is based on research done on males. I also have alexithymia and aphantasia. I did a gender test, said my decision making style was between male and female . I don’t know if that test is legit. But I’ve always never really felt like a gender. From the test I did from human benchmark, most of my types of memory are bad. My aim is bad and my reaction times is terrible. I don’t know if all this stuff is related to aphantasia. But, they all might be. I also can’t public speak or present at all. And my driving is terrible. Wasn’t my choice . Don’t want to explain. I live in the country I grew up in again. Im from St Kitts in the Caribbean. I don’t have to drive if I don’t want to, don’t need a car to go places, just need to afford sunscreen. 

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