Is aphantisa part of a larger memory or brain function issue?


Could all these conditions be related:

Aphantasia, ADHD, Dyslexia, Amusia, Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory (SDAM)?

Since school I have known that I was dyslexic – I can’t spell phonetically, I either know a word or I don’t, I also knew I was tone deaf and have struggled to speak foreign languages and can’t sing.

Then in my 20’s I started to realize that I couldn’t recall events, places I had visited, books I had read, films I had seen, peoples names or faces – I have no images of them nor any memory of them. Most of my memories of past events are from having seen  photos of them or from hearing someone else talk about them, but I recall very few actual details. At work I have been aware that I always start tasks from scratch as I can’t recall what I did last time, however I am able to understand a problem quickly, see the big picture, and come up with creative solutions.

I also live in a world of post it notes, lists, clutter and unfinished projects.  When I was 55 I read an article of how ADHD presents in women and immediately knew this was me and was subsequently diagnosed.  

Now five years later I have discovered these conditions all have names: severely deficient autographical memory,  aphantasia and amusia (plus dyslexia and ADHD). These help explain a lot of what I “suffer” –  I find it extremely debilitating to not be able to join in conversations with friends and work colleagues, because when they start talking about things they have done, seen, read, which I know I have also done, I simply can’t recall / picture any details to enable me to join in the conversation.

I would love to get answers to what is going on in my brain.

Do any of you also have all of these conditions?

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