Could aphantasia be caused by misaligned eyes?


I recently started to suspect that i have a condition called binocular vision dysfunction and started to wonder if it could be the reason visualization is difficult for me. Apparently when eyes are misaligned, it puts extra stress on the visual system leading to neurological effects such as light sensitivity and headaches. I started to investigate and found this testimonial online of a man in his 70s spontaneously developing a mind’s eye after strengthening binocular vision I’m in the process of getting evaluated to see if i indeed have BVD. If i do, I’ll try the prism glasses or vision therapy and report back. Although it might take longer to develop the ability to visualize.

In addition to this man’s story, there’s another man who claims to have learned to visualize after practicing something called image streaming, which involves rubbing your eyes. Interestingly, both eye rubbing and headstands could increase pressure in the eyes, potentially leading to some measure of realignment. I wonder if this results in better image fusion,  reducing strain on the visual system and freeing up resources for higher level visual tasks like the mind’s eye.

This could explain why most aphantasia is congenital. Maybe someone could acquire it for similar reasons. I don’t know if surgery changes ocular pressure but maybe that’s what happened to patient mx in the original aphantasia study.

Anyway I’m curious what others think. This seems fairly easy to study.

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