Jung’s Active Imagination


I’ve always had a keen interest in all things “depth psychology”and have dabbled in many tools that tap into the unconscious (EMDR, hypnotherapy, IFS, etc.) and have recently being playing with Active Imagination – BUT the core challenge in all of these endeavours is the strong reliance on visual imagery.  Has anyone with aphantasia had successful experiences in visual rich tools, and if so, how do you get past the frustration?

I have a rich imagination (sans sensory experience) and as such can narrate internally my imagination field but this makes bypassing the critical faculty (or ego) very difficult.  I’ve tried the guided ones but for most of this work you do need to go on your own journey at some point.  The only sensory experience I do get relates to normal trance induction sensations (sense of going deeper, sometime sense of euphoria) which I then try and harness to drive deeper but via inner narration.

Just to add that I have experience Lucid dreaming (or cultivated them at a point in time) and do dream visually (when I remember) but I have to be in that state between sleep and awake, at any point that I am consciously awake I can “see” absolutely nothing in the mind.

Hope that makes sense but really interested in the experience of others in this area.

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