Any success using the Lindamood-Bell method?

It’s an approach to develop visual imagery in people who either don’t have it or who have it underdeveloped.

I am considering it, but it’s very expensive – $140/hour, with a required 150+ hours of instruction.

Anybody had experience with that method?

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Never heard of this method before! Do you have a link to a recommended resource where I can learn more? 

With a price tag of 21k for no guaranteed results i’d strongly advise against it. It’d be like doing physical therapy when you physically no longer have legs, no amount of moving around will produce a prosthetic.

The same way Psychology cannot fix a mental problem caused by physical hormonal imbalances that require a Psychiatrist and medication to resolve, no amount of meditation and psychological conditioning will take you from a zero state of NO visualization at all to improved or progressing states of phantasia.

If you have the money and resources you would be much better served by looking at clinical trials you may be able to legally enroll in involving psychoactives like Psylocybin, LSD, or the various DMT’s. While rare, different psychoactive’s have been shown to produce results in different people with seemingly no real rhyme or reason.

From observation it seems like DMT’s is the most likely psychoactive to produce longstanding results. I’ve seen plenty of people trip on LSD and have their sensory perception altered, things being  wavy for instance for a short durations, but ive never seen someone report  lasting or controllable visualizations as a result of LSD.

Ive seen people take DMT from several different sources be it natural or artificial, 5MeO, or ayahuasca, its the only thing that produces “consistent” results, and they’re hardly consistent- with only a handful of dozens having any long-lasting or long standings results of their consumption.

Honestly, if you’re looking at a 21K price tag, and you have the resources to do so knowing it likely wont work and wont tread any new ground if you haven’t already tried, and failed to produce results through psychoactives- I cant strongly enough recommend trying to leverage your assets to be involved in actual clinical research studies, or even fund your own de-facto observation.

Having a hospital do EEG monitoring would run you like 7K for extended monitoring service, and if your one of the very lucky, and sadly, very few that DO produce visual results, seeing that brain wave activity if and when you are able to activate  may provide helpful data to understand what separates those capable of being activated by the substance from those whom are not, and hopefully start working towards solutions to close the gap.

Bell’s a bust, psychoactive’s are a sub 10% chance of functioning that in 99% of instances require you to break the law because research just isn’t being done, and if it is, most of us just aren’t lucky enough to qualify or be near enough to engage in the studies.

I’m not any kind of doctor, researcher, or scientist- so don’t take my words as gospel. But you’ll be hard pressed to find another person more desperate to be rid of their condition.  5MeO-DMT  is the only substance to successfully produce the metaphoric muscles required for long term development of visualization.

I’ve been doing independent study on my condition for the last ten years, i can count on one hand the number of people ive seen post or talk about any kind of long-term success or recovery after being members of the community, and they all involve DMT shocking their brains into building the infrastructure to process itself.

Even if you are one of the lucky ones, dont think its going to be instantaneous either, you’ll  maybe be able to get your minds eye to glow different colors at first, those who DID force activation still only had the most basic form and function as a result- after the substance has worn off. But that’s enough right? If you HAVE a muscle you can work it out and grow from there.

Personally ive yet to try 5MeO due to the legality and availability of it. I also  severely doubt it will work on me since i lack one of the common threads between the others. that being, functional sleep. Even in the most advanced suffers of aphantasia most are still able to sleep and dream with some frequency. Where as I, almost never dream. Once, maybe twice a year, often very short, and extremely vivid.

So, if you have a semi-normal functioning sleep state and dreams, you’ve got a fair shot at it helping. However, if your like me, where your brain is so broken it cant even process its OWN DMT in the pineal gland- well, wouldn’t get your hopes up, but a long shots better than none right?

Just my two cents, either way I hope whatever you do, or try, produces some results so myself and others may yet find hope or at least better understanding in them.

Opened several Google tabs to familiarise myself with this as I had never heard of it. Seems primarily directed towards dyslexia. Only one tangential reference to visual imagery. Perhaps did not go deep enough to find word ‘aphantasic’ or perhaps it is not there anyway. I would very much doubt any claim to develop visual imagery in people who don’t have it at all.

Classing something as ‘underdeveloped’ is a marketing strategy. Meditation would assist at far less $$$.

I am an ancient cynic averse to almost everything American especially when it comes to promoting stuff volunteers in Australia do for free. (Read Write for adult literacy.)


I am very familiar with Lindamood-Bell therapy. I  am a speech pathologist and I happen to have Aphantasia. There are several programs developed by Lindamood-Bell. I believe you are talking about the Visualizing and Verbalizing program. I was trained in this method by Nancy Bell in the 90’s. This was my first clue that I had Aphantasia. She explained the steps to using visualization to build reading comprehension. Before this course, I thought “picture this” was just an expression  

The program does not give you the ability to visualize. It is s reading comprehension program which taps into people’s innate ability to visualize. It helps people to understand written and spoken words by connecting them to their visual imaging skills.
It will definitely not be what you are looking for. There is currently no way to change your Aphantasia. At this time, all we can do is use other strategies for recalling, comprehending creating and reading  

If you have trouble with these skills, there are some good strategies  You can try some of these  

make associations to understand what you read  Text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world

Use your prior knowledge on a topic and integrate new ideas with what you know  

Listen to audiobooks read by actors or professional voice actors  When material is read aloud with expression, it’s more like conversation or storytelling than reading and rereading  

If no audiobook, read out loud to yourself or whisper read using expression  It forces you to focus on meaning because you can’t use correct expression without understanding  

Read titles, subtitles and sentences with bold words before reading textbook chapters  Create an outline by concept, chronology, etc  You can also create a written outline of the chapter as you read it  Cornell notes work too, depending on the type of text  

Write all the important info you can on a “cheat sheet” before a test. Then rewrite it several times before the test, memorize spatially instead of visualizing. For example, I remember that I wrote the algebra formula on the top right and my muscle memory of writing it will help you recall the details.  Next to that, I wrote the 3 steps, etc. 

Make acronyms, mnemonics, lyrics, chants, silly associations for factual info  

Repeat key words or phrases 6 times in your mind or out loud. 

Have a friend “test you” on material verbally from your notes  or flashcards  

Draw a picture (e.g. simple stick figures and shapes) while you read to have your own, external visual to add meaning, sequence and memory  

Make a map of your office, neighborhood or other organization to remember people’s names  I review my map before I walk the dog  

Memorize a specific feature on someone’s face when you get 2 people confused  For example, Matt has a mole, John has a crooked nose  

Color code, highlight, sticky note, notes in the margin, use numbers  ( there are 3 forms of matter), alphabetize, summarize, rephrase, make lists, text yourself and whatever else helps you understand or recall  

I love to paint and draw  I use “right brain” strategies by copying from photos and online images, putting them together into a new scene. So if I want to paint a park, I choose an image of a bench for one part  Then I choose an image of a golden retriever if I want to put my dog in the park  

Maybe someday there will be science to actually allow visualizing for Aphantasics  For now, realize that you are different, not disabled. Hyperphantasia can also make things hard but has it’s gifts  Thank God we have diversity so we can have people with different skills.  If we were all video game creators or artists, who would do all the other jobs? 

Love yourself!!! You are exactly as you were meant to be. 



 This takes practice and concentration when learning to use it  


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