It feels like a dream, since only my dreams are this vivid and scary.


I just found out I’m Aphantasia and although it finally makes sense, it is scary. I have never been able to visualize stuff in my mind and this has also affected some of my friendships because when I meet a person for the first time, my mind doesn’t see them again until I see them physically and before then, I have forgotten their name and we have to start over.

Before I got a name to this, I’ve always felt I was stupid, I had poor memory and I blamed myself for a lot, but now it makes better sense. I don’t know how to completely feel but I hope I can get over feeling like less of myself. I am a writer with two self published books and I’ve always hated writing and reading descriptions. I struggle with writing descriptions and it has always made me feel I wasn’t a good enough writer. I understand better now. How did anyone deal with accepting that they have Aphantasia but it doesn’t make them less of who they are?

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